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On this website we celebrate all of the causes and conditions that have made this institution what it is today. 


We also recognize that today is the just groundwork for our future. Our aspiration is to grow in size and significance in society, deepen our commitment to our students and faculty and continue to:

  1. Preserve, generate, and share Buddhist scholarship and Dharma wisdom,

  2. Train compassionate ministers and chaplains,

  3. Stimulate the study of Buddhism and its context within today’s society, and

  4. Deepen our roots within the BCA, the GTU and larger religious and academic communities.


IBS could not have become the school that it is today nor will it be able to realize its aspirations for the future without the generous contributions of its many supporters. We ask you to consider joining us as we work to realize our full potential. Please join us by making a gift to our future.   


The BCA’s theme for 2024 is “The Right Time is Now”.  The actions we take today will become the notes we leave to our future selves, our children and grandchildren, and others who follow us, saying “This is what we cared for. This is what added meaning and purpose to our lives.”


Thank you very much.

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